Update Glyph Info broken?

In the latest beta (2.3.1 (901)), I have pasted some glyphs from one font into another, and then renamed them as different glyphs. The unicode updated properly, and they appear correctly when I type the new names in an edit window. But the glyph order is incorrect and they are miscategorized (as uppercase vs. lowercase etc. on the left pane).

It seems to me this kind of issue used to be solvable by selecting the glyphs and hitting Glyph > Update glyph info, but it’s not working for me now

Can you try version 902?

Same issue with 902.

It happened to me as well. I don’t remember the exact steps I did, but I solved the wrong order removing custom glyph data. I don’t know why, but some glyphs were assigned wrong subcategory (uppercase instead of lowercase etc).

Same issue with v. 2.63.
Selecting the glyph Alef 05D0
And choosing Glyph>Update Glyph info
Does nothing.

in Old versions it changed the glyph name to: Alef-HB 05D0

In version 2.5.1 (1141) - it works perfect as it should and ads the script name.
In version 2.6.1 (1209) - nothing happens, as in 2.63

Just tested in 2.6.3 (1270), and it works as expected.

  1. Created glyph named Alef
  2. Set its Unicode value to 05D0
  3. Select it
  4. Glyph > Update Glyph Info

Et voilà:


Do you have a custom GlyphData XML?
Font Info > Other > Custom Naming enabled?
Do you have a custom glyph info set? Select it in Font View, press Cmd-Opt-I.

Has this feature broken again? I’ve got a custom GlyphData.xml file in the same directory as my font. The font has “Use Custom Naming” checked in the “Other Settings” panel of the font. The font is saved and just opened in a newly restarted v 2.6.6. (1346). My test entry in the xml is:
<glyph unicode=“0340” name=“TomsTestGlyph” sortName=“ac130” decompose=“gravecomb” category=“Mark” subCategory=“Nonspacing” production=“uni0340” description="COMBINING GRAVE

I select the glyph, currently encoded at 0340 and named ‘gravetonecomb’ and choose Glyph > Update Glyph Info

I am expecting this to be renamed to my custom name of “TomsTestGlyph”. That is not happening.

This seems to work as intended. The Use Custom Naming means that it just never changed the glyph names. So you could change the unicode and it would not update the name. So when you like go get the names from the GlyphData (either yours or the one from Glyphs), you need to deactivate that setting.

It appears that if I want to use a custom GlyphData to apply custom names via Update Glyph Info, that unchecking the Use Custom Naming in the Other Settings panel is not enough. I need to also replace the XML in Application Support / Glyphs / Info / GlyphData.xml with my custom version for that function to work. I wasn’t expecting to have to do that. I thought that having the custom XML in the same directory of the font would be enough.

The custom file next to the font should be fine. Could you send me the two .xml and the .glyphs file?