Update Glyph Info doesn’t catch Kerning Groups

It seems that Kerning classes are not updated like the Metrics Keys are. This can lead to a lot of unused Kerning Groups especially when converting older fonts to Glyphs. Since the Metrics Keys do fine, it shouldn’t be much of a hustle to implement KG as well, or am I wrong?

Kerning classes don’t need to match the names of the glyphs it contains. Only all glyphs that are supposed to be in the same class need to have the same text in the group field.

Oh, I see. And if it was referencing an existing Glyph before anyway, it is afterwards a group called anything that is not in the font anymore. So the kerning keeps intact of course, but it might be more elegant if this certain group would also be renamed if it referenced to a certain glyph that was renamed. Or?

Keening classes do not reference glyphs. You only usually use a glyph name as the name of the group.

Well, I am pretty aware of that fact. However I mean, if somebody meant to put an existing glyph in a group on purpose which happened to be a certain ‘uniWhatever’ as glyphname before which doesn’t exist after updating, this ‘uniWhatever’ will be just an abstract idea of a certain group now, while it was more tangible before. Whatever, just my 2 cents on that (:

Group names are one of the most confusing things for kerners. Maybe a naming scheme like ‘like_h’ or ‘roundUC’ would be clearer in those cases. I have a script for replacing in group names, but it doesn’t replace in the kerning values.

Exactly yes. I just thought about making a script. Also it is good of course to keep the values as you say.

I have a script in my GitHub that renames groups together with pairs that use it.

Also I share my naming habit in case it’s useful. Mine has script, casing, and shape-based wherever that makes sense, such as: LAT_UC_Round or CYR_LC_el

if you change the name of the class in the kerning panel, it asks if it should rename all occurrences of that class.

Hi @GeorgSeifert, Is there a method in GSFont or another object that emulate the behavior that you have described about the Kerning Panel? I would like to rename all kerning classes and its occurrences using regular expression.

Renaming kerning keys:
GSGlyph.leftMetricsKey and
doesn’t affect GSFont.kerning classes.

And renaming GSFont.kerning classes doesn’t rename GSGlyph.leftMetricsKey and `GSGlyph.RightMetricsKey.

Making it by hand in the Kerning Panel is no doable when you are changing several families, and that is a spectacular opportunity to introduce bugs in the font.

I only want to know if there is something already implemented, if not, it is ok, I will work in one script.



Only to clarify,
Exporting metrics, changing whatever you want to change with a text editor like Sublime Text (that supports Regex) and importing again solved all problems about changing kerning classes and kerning key at once.

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