Update Glyph Info not reverting to AGL names

I ran ‘Update Glyph Info’ and have, ‘Don’t Use Nice Names’ checked yet the glyph names don’t revert to their legacy AGL names?

I’ve checked the GlyphData.xml to see that there is a Legacy field in the data too.

I think this is a one-way conversion. After you updated the glyph names to app-favoured, then only time you’ll see legacy names is when you export it, I think.

And by the way, legacy name is not equal to AGL name (mostly identical in Latin, but not entirely).

What are you trying to achieve by converting to AGL names inside Glyphs?

Well I edited the GlyphData.xml and added some ‘legacy’ names that matched what was on the AGL list as their glyph names instead of ‘nice names’.

I wanted to be able to see if a font contains a character set (i.e. Adobe Latin 3). Since I can’t filter by the glyph Unicode values, I have to convert all the names to be consistent to the list.

The Adobe glyph lists don’t contain only ‘nice names’, many are uniXXXX format.

As a workaround, I converted the glyph list into a list with ‘nice names’, then each time I want to check a font I ‘Update Glyph Info’ to change all the glyph names into ‘Nice Names’ and then I can consistently check the character set.

I consider this not a workaround, but the proper way. Human-readable names are way better to handle for human beings: if Glyphs tells you that De-cy is missing, you know immediately what it is. If it were to tell you that uni0414 was missing, you wouldn’t. Unless you learned Unicode values by heart, but seriously…

Yeah, the best way is to build a list filter of whatever character set you want, in nice names. Editing ‘legacy’ is not something I would recommend to everybody, especially for solving this kind of issue, which shouldn’t have to involve renaming actual glyphs.

I don’t understand your problem. You have a list of unicodes and you like to check if the fonts contains all of them.

So you convert the list into nice names and use it as a list filter. What you need the ALG names for?

And if the nice names would change, you could regenerate the list from your original list of unicodes.