Update on my typeface for senior thesis

I have gotten close to the end of my semester and have a working version of the typeface I posted about a couple months ago. I was hoping you kind folk could take a look at it and let me know of any ways I can improve upon it. It is a bit of a mess but I am a newbie at this whole type design thing and really want to improve anyway I can. Graduate school is expensive :expressionless:

Archive.zip (35.6 KB)

There are a couple things:

  • Just setting the side bearing to zero is not good. The side bearing of a letter that has a round corner will be smaller then one with a sharp corner.
  • Did you try corner components for the round corners? that gives you more control (https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/reusing-shapes-corner-components)
  • Both “N” look very unbalanced. You need to correct the stroke width and the amount of overlap. One side looks very dark, the other might break of.
  • Do you really need every glyph to have the same width? The J and I could be a bit narrower?
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Awesome, just the feedback I was searching for! I needed a trained pair of eyes to look at this mess. I’ll try to correct that stuff and update you on my progress. Thanks a bunch man!