Update plugins to 2.3

Hi everyone! I’ve found that some of my plugins doesn’t work on beta version and I’ve seen Mekkablue has updated some of yours to work in 2.3. What does it mean? What I’ve to update?

Best regards.

Check the changed to this repo: https://github.com/schriftgestalt/GlyphsSDK/tree/master/ObjectWrapper
You should get error messages, either in the Macro window or the console. If you can’t find anything, please send the plugin and we have a look.

If you have a look at the changed that Rainer is doing to his plugins, it might give you some hints. It will mostly be some properties that we added to the wrapper. It will mean that you need to remove some parentheses.

Thanks Georg, I will look into it.

The most significant changes are:

  1. GSLayer.selection does not need any parentheses.
  2. .bezierPath does not need any parentheses anymore, be it of a layer, a path or a component.
  3. GSNode.type does not yield an integer anymore. Compare it to the constants GSLINE, GSCURVE, GSOFFCURVE To remain backwards compatible. To make sure these constants are loaded properly, add this line at the beginning: from GlyphsApp import GSLINE, GSCURVE, GSOFFCURVE.

If you want to remain backwards compatible for points 1 and 2, add a try...except and try with parentheses first, and add the variant without parentheses in the except clause.