Update reminders

When having ‘automatically check for updates’ enabled, please would it be possible to check only when Glyphs starts up? I get reminders popping up on top when I’m working, or when going back to Glyphs after working elsewhere for a while. Pop ups are not nice generally so could we minimise their interruption?

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I’m only getting update notifications at starting up Glyphs…

I don’t ever get reminded when I’m working; just when I start the app.

I think that it checks every 24 hours. If you keep it open for so long it might ask in the middle of it.

Yes, I do keep Glyphs open pretty much all the time, unless it crashes. I don’t want popups when working.

It makes me happy that you get annoyed by that dialog. That means that Glyphs is not crashing for several days for you :wink:

I have a look if I can get rid of the dialog. But then you don’t know when there is a new version.

Ahha! Yup it’s not crashing very often these days, I’m very happy with it :slight_smile:

I think as long as it tells me there’s an update when I first open the app I’m fine with that.

And thank you (and Rainer) for being always so responsive. This is pretty unbeatable :smiley:

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It is very easy to check manually. I do it at least every other day.

The library that handles the updating (Sparkle) is doing that. So I didn’t program this.

I had a look and it is a bigger operation. It checks every 24 hours and not necessarily when the app starts.