Updated Master File to G3 from G2 -> Remove Overlap Errors On Export

I’m moving some older files from G2 into G3 and have run into an alternating error ( Light /W or Regular /x ) regarding removing overlap on intermediate instances:

I checked the outlines with intermediate layers seen here:

I had no problem exporting this file from G2, I’m stumped about how to fix this. I tried updating to cutting edge (3180), which did not solve the issue.

@GeorgSeifert @mekkablue I’m still struggling with this file which had no problems exporting in Glyphs 2. I’m getting ‘Remove Overlap Error’ even on single path designs. I’ve attempted to make sure I have points on all extrema. Still getting oscillating errors on different glyphs causing export problems. Generic ‘Problem’ errors leave me perplexed without an exact course of action to fix whatever is going on. Some insight into what’s going on would be very helpful. Currently on G3 (3207)

Sorry for not answering your original post.

Can you send me that file?

Can do, what email address?

Take a close look at your handle arrangements and see if the BCPs have changed place once.

Send it to support at this domain.

From what I can see, at least in the W, you appear to have large handles (handles that go over the curve bounds). Can you try whether it works if you correct these? I’m talking about the second top serif from the left, as well as the fourth.

In the X, it looks like you have large handles in the bottom left serif.

Sent both the G2 and G3 files, thank you for taking a look!

There are some paths that could use an extreme point that are disturbing the remove overlap code. I’ll try to improve the algorithm.

I will double check that all extrema have CPs. Thank you for seeing what can be done with the algorithm. I was mostly surprised as there weren’t issues exporting in G2.

Glyphs 3 uses a different algorithm for remove overlap.