Updating or correcting metrics keys

I have renamed a large number of glyphs (for various reasons), and the kern group names are all updated, but the metrics key names are all the old names, and so they are highlighted as needing metrics correction. Is there a way to update the metrics keys names so they reflect what’s in the font? When I update glyph info, nothing happens to the metrics keys.

I should say: I have tried running the script “Find and replace in metrics keys”, with no results.

I have over 200 glyphs marked with metrics out of sync, and all of them have 8 masters. So I don’t want a solution that requires typing a correct name; I need more of a batch find/replace.

There should have been a dialog that asked to change the metics keys every time you change a name.

How exactly did you change the names and what version of the app do you have?

To change names I used find/change. Is that not the preferred method? No dialog follows that.

I modified the kern group names in a text editor. Maybe I can use that method to change the metrics keys? It is a matter of replacing one long extension with another shorter one without a hyphen. Base glyph names don’t change.

This is Glyphs 2.3, build 895.

Do the search replace in the file itself should work.

I check that the search replace triggers the dialog, too.

Find and replace does change names, but there is no dialog with the command. Is the script “Find and replace in metrics keys” working properly? I can’t get it to give any result.

The one from my repository? I’ll have a look, haven’t used it in a while, may need an update.

UPDATE: I think I fixed it. Please sync the repository and try again.

Thanks Erich, The updated scripts works now in 2.3.1. I was helping Carl double check.
Possible improvement or option on that script, to check for the ‘advance width’ metric keys as well.