Updating UFO when open in the Glyphs program

when I run a script (from outside of the glyphs program) on an UFO that is open in the glyphs program, it asks me if I want to update every single glyph. This is useless, can there be option “update all glyphs”? Or something like that.


Which version of Glyphs do you have?
Which exact dialog do you get?
What script, and how do you run it ‘from outside’?

3.0.4 (3105)

I get do you want to update A, then do you want to update B, then do you want to update C… you can imagine, how that continues. Better to force quit Glyphs and open the UFO again

I don’t know, whatever like defcon, fontParts.

I’ll have a look.

hold on, I forgot to mention that I was working in .glyphspackage, maybe that’s different to .glyphs. I would prefer to say just update font and it would update all glyphs, just like in RoboFont

Wait. Do we speak about an .ufo or a .glyphspackage?

sorry, UFO! am too confusing, sorry

Can you send me the .ufo and the script you are running? When I test this, it only shows up once. But maybe your script is doing something different?

Sorry, but I can’t really share these things. But here is a reproducible thing with a screen capture. Weirdly here it keeps saying three.glif
glyphs.zip (3.2 MB)

It happens to me often. Usually the UFO font is under version control, I open it in Glyphs and do some changes, save them, then decide I want to do git reset --hard and Glyphs will prompt me about every single glyph (or so it appears, I usually force quit after a handful of them).