Upgrade Glyphs 2

Good morning Teem,
I need to Upgrade Glyphs 2 and l have my licence since 2015.
I did send many emails
can you advice please.


Upgrade instructions are on https://www.glyphsapp.com/buy/upgrade. When and where to did you send many e-mails?

Sorry to disturb you, but i sent to


This all email i sent, but i think its Urgent for me,
Sorry one more time, the new Glyphs makes me happy

one more Quieten.
if i cancel one devise and i have new one, can i re instull the Glyphs with same serial number

This is My license below
EDITED: removed link to license file

Note: I edited your post, removing full e-mail addresses.

If you sent this weekend, please have a little patience. It takes at least one work day to process requests. Sending many requests does not speed up the process. On the contrary, it slows us down, because we have to go through all your emails before we can do anything.

You should have received an upgrade coupon when Glyphs 2 was released.

Yes. You can install on as many devices as you wish. The only restriction is that you can only have two installations running at the same time.

Ok, sorry for that,
Can you help me with this, i check it all my email and there is no Coupon i received,
send me one more time, if its in your email record.
waiting your feedback.

If you sent an e-mail to office, you should receive a reply today.

I check it all my emails and spam email not there.

We got your mails and will respond to it. It was a Sunday yesterday. That slowes down the responds time a bit.

Thanks a lot Georg, happy to see you again


Hi Georg,
I received an email from mailer@fastspring.com, this is my licence Glyphs 1.4.5, but what i need is to upgrade
1.4.5 to Glyphs 2, that’s why i sent my licence to you, any way i download the Glyphs trial version until you send me the upgrade link.

just update any time you free.
Have a nice day

Hi mekka,
you sent me the instruction on www.glyphsapp.com/buy/upgrade2,
i did it and i check, all what you need ( my Glyphs license 1.4.5) and i sent you that to upgrade.
All what i need just very simple to Upgrade from 1.4.5 to Glyphs 2, and in the instruction say free for client who buy after 2014. do i need more time to send me the upgrade version of Glyphs 2.

Thanks for your help

Everything has been sent to you again last night to the gmail address you specified when you bought the license. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it in the inbox.

Hi Mekka,

Thank you very much for your help, you make my day.
I received an email from Anne.

Have a nice day all