[URGENT] problem modifying and exporting existing typeface

I am trying to modify an existing font, by adding a slash to the zero. There’s a few problems:

  1. I wasn’t able to combine shapes/remove overlaps after adding the slash.
  2. I can’t change the blue anchor points to green round corners as well.
  3. when i try to export, there appears to have some weird negative space in the overlap areas

Despite these problems, the font appears fine when I install the modified font and type it out in illustrator. Wondering how I can solve the above or would there be any issues?

By the way, Chivo already has this 0 somewhere.

Somehow I can’t find it. Did you download yours from Google fonts @Cormullion?

Version 1.007 here - perhaps they updated it at some point…? ¯\(ツ)

and if I really have to change something on existing glyphs would you know how I can solve these problems?

I’ve been using Glyphs for about 20 minutes total so far, so I won’t be giving much worthwhile advice at the moment… :slight_smile:

Please take two minutes and watch the Path Editing video on the Get Started page.

That is a path direction problem. Try Paths > Correct Path Directions.

Filter > Remove Overlap (Cmd-Shift-O) or the respective buttons in the Transformations panel.

  1. i double clicked on blue dots but it didn’t change to green on my newly added slash. but it works on original anchor points.
  2. this doesn’t seem to be the problem. it still happens when my path directions are correct.
  3. Remove overlap in filter works, somehow the buttons don’t. Thank you!

This is probably a font cache problem. Read this please:

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Nodes can only become green if at least one of the adjacent segments is a curve segment. Can you post a screenshot of the path?

It might be that the “Correct Path Directions” is wrong. Please check that the slash is counter clock wise. One node has an triangular shape pointing in the paths direction.

Correct. Double click the slash, right click to open the context menu and choose Reverse Selected Contours.

wow thank you @mekkablue. Adobe fonts folder solved the cache problem!
and the nodes are green only on the straight paths, so it’s fine. Thank you!!!

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