Use as master broken in 3176

When I click ‘use as master’ on the layers panel of the sidebar nothing happens.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 14.36.48

Can reproduce, still in 3177. In the meantime, you can drag a backup layer onto the master layer; that does the same.

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Thanks. Also just noticed double clicking near a path in background layer doesn’t select it (like it does in the foreground)

The selecting in the background works for me.

Sorry i mean the background of a non-master layer

The “Use as Master” from the context menu works. I’ll fix it.

still works for me.

To reproduce…

I start with these layers in my saved font.

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 09.18.07

In the Bold and bold backup layer, the background paths are selectable by double clicking as normal.

When I duplicate the Bold with the +, a new layer appears as expected:

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 09.19.15

Its background path is not selectable by double clicking.