Use one window to change what you see in the other window

I’d like to make a visual overview of the glyphs in a typeface in the big window where one does the typing and editing (don’t know its official name, sorry), then generate a list of these grouped and ordered characters to make a filter in the other window (the one that has all the pigeonholes for the letters to live in).

Does any clever soul know of a way to do this?

If I understood correctly, you want to show specific glyphs in the font view (the one with glyph cells)? You can do that if you select what you need, right-click, copy glyph names and make a list filter. Here’s a tutorial about it

In the window where you type some characters, after you have the letters you want do a CMD-A, right-click, Copy Glyph Names (one per line) to make a list filter.

that sounds like it George. Much thanks.

thank you for explaining this to me

I thank @alx and @George_Thomas for their perception. however, this does not work for me, personally, myself, as it refuses to list glyphs that have special names that I have made personally, by myself. sigh.

What do you mean? Custom glyphnames should work just fine:

Edit: Did you use standard glyphnames, or some special characters? The list might be sanitized.

the names were thinks like a.satan or M.THATCHER or S_S.Trump so no dodgy characters

You do the typing in Edit view, and the filtering in Font view.

  1. Type with the Type tool (T) in Edit view, and select the text.
  2. Right click to bring up the context menu, choose Copy glyph names > one per line.
  3. In Font View (Cmd opt 1), add a new List filter and paste

ta. but the list doesn’t seem to like some of my special names (see previous post)