Use PUA encoded glyphs on websites?

I’ve used PUA encoded glyphs for desktop applications (InDesign, Word, etc.), but have not for websites… anyone know if it is possible? I assume it’s still just including those glyphs in the font file and exporting and uploading a webfont (e.g. woff) to a website.

Any special way those need accessed/applied that’s different than a desktop app (e.g. copy/pasting from Font Book or Character Map)?


There’s nothing to prevent your using characters from the PUA in a web page, and you can insert PUA characters in the usual way in whatever editor you’re using.

The only problem is that PUA characters are generally good for only one font (or a few). But if you’re supplying the fonts on your website even that isn’t much of an issue.

Thanks for your advice and confirmation Peter, appreciate it.

Yes, I think for the case in point it should be ok since it’s a “one-off” kind of use for a specific occasion.