User Manual

There was a previous appeal for more detailed tutorials or at least a “user Manual” in PDF;
rather than a number of topics that can be found under “help” menu.
Is it available for download somewhere ?

Yes. There is a pdf here: GlyphsHandbook20111222.pdf

Thanks, very helpful :slight_smile:

You can always get the latest Glyphs Handbook at:

In the help menu, can’t you add an item ‘Glyphs tutorials on the web’, linking to that page?
that is an easier way to get started with Glyphs.

Great idea!

Also, I’d vote to have ONE source for ALL information, rather than having to gather things together myself from the PDF, the help and the blog. I’d be willing to sit down with a manual for a couple of days if this makes sure I’m not missing anything.

You will find all application functionality discussed in the blog and in the video tutorials in the manual. Also, the blog has a different intention. I don’t think an introduction to Python or the localization tips from the recent posts should be in the Glyphs manual. But of course, that is very much open for discussion.

The one thing about the manual is that I cannot update it as often as I please. Referring someone to page 21, for instance, ought to be valid for at least some time. But a major overhaul is in the works as we speak.

Is there anything in particular you are missing in the manual?

What I’m missing (personally) is an short introduction to how Glyphs works.
It is very intuitive, but some parts are less clear.
Like how to make different versions of a font quick. It has to do with font info -> ‘Masters’ & ‘Instances’, but there for new users it isn’t as easy as it should be. It’s a pity they should search in the whole manual to find things like this.

For that, a short presentation of the possibilities would be welcome.

And more links to the source of the font code are also welcome: That way it is easier to look up the possibilities.

I myself learn it on my own, and I in time, I will know all the possibilities, but sometime, I’m looking for easy examples, and it are this sort of things that would be nice to show.

The link is included in the manual…

That is the way I had found that site, excuses.

Perhaps future releases of the handbook could have a visual guide to the UI, with callouts showing what’s where? There are basic pieces that a neophyte might have trouble finding on his/her own: someone who doesn’t yet know what things look like, what they’re called, or where they’re located.

For instance: where is the Background tab? Where is the Metrics tab? The manual doesn’t say.

Many thanks!

There is no Background tab. Each layer has its own background. You can switch to it by hitting cmd+B.

The edit view is also the Metrics tab. Just hit “T” and start typing (or use cmd+opt+F to select a sample text). Then you can either set metrics or edit one of the glyphs in context.

Many thanks for the clarification, Georg.

But on p.41 of your latest manual you say “Use the slider in the Background tab to interpolate between front and background paths.” When I go to the background, the only slider I see is the one on the lower left that blurs the small preview pane. Is there another I’m missing?

Also on p.41, you write “In the Metrics tab, you can set the width and sidebearings of all selected letters at once. With the Relative option, the values will be added or subtracted.” If the Metrics tab is just the edit view, where do I enter width and sidebearing values for more than one glyph, and how can I select the Relative option?

Thanks again!

These are the tabs of the Transformations Filter window: Filter > Transformations

Thanks, Erich!

Perhaps you could add a few more illustrations in the next edition of the manual? I know you’re trying to keep the page references the same as long as possible. But as a new user, I’m finding it difficult to understand some parts of the manual because I don’t know where things are or what they look like. Even very basic terms like “Edit View” take some figuring out. To preserve the current page numbers, perhaps you could add a separately numbered preface or appendix with screen views and callouts?

Thanks again.

I expect there will be one more small handbook update for Glyphs 1.x, just to cover all the small feature additions of the past months.

In the next big update, I will add more screenshots, and an explanation of Edit View at the beginning of the Edit View chapter.

Anything else that was hard to understand?

Anything else that was hard to understand?

Thanks for asking, Erich. If you like, I’ll make up some notes of the things that confused me getting started and send it along.

Um, when I’m done pushing this project out the door…

Is there any possibility to have the user manual in german?

Because my app is also in german and I thought you guys are from Germany :wink:

A German translation is in the works.

I’m translating Glyphs Handbook into Italian.

We are working on a new version of the handbook with all the changes in version 2.5. Hopefully that will be finished soon.