User Manual?

I am completely new to this topic and cannot seem to get the basics of how to load a font, or modify one. Is there a User Manual for this software?

Yes, in fact on this website there are several tutorials in the “resources” section.

And there is a user manual in Glyphs. Goto Help Menu > Glyphs Help. Both the website and the help files will be improved over time.

Georg Seifert

bonjour, do you think ther will be a french version of tutorials and user manual? JJt

I do not have the resource to do all documentation in all languages. I plan to write a proper user manual. This might be available in French. But this may take a while. I do appreciate any help one this.

Georg Seifert

well, if there is an english version i can translate, but my german is not very good (even very bad ;-))
anyway, glyphs is a good alternative to fontlab or fontographer, i hope in the next development there will be some features added, like easier way to make openType extra ligatures and so on :slight_smile:

What do you suggest to simplify the creation of ligatures.

Now it works like this:
Go to the font menu > Generate Glyph. In the text field type the names of the ligatures like s_t, or f_f_ä (the base glyph names joined with a underscore). Glyph will generate the glyphs and add the base glyphs as components. You probably will need to decompose them and change the outlines as you like. Then go to the Font Info > Features, hit the small circle arrow at the bottom left and the feature code will be generated for you. If you have any improvements, please tell me.

And the manual will be in english first.