Using Alternates without Opentype Features activated

When I insert for example t.ss01 through the glyph-overview in InDesign (without activating Opentype Features) it will be not linked to the original t. When I change the font now, the new font will likely not have an t.ss01 included and the glyph will be displayed as gibberish. It would be cool if the original Glyph would be displayed as an normal t after changing to an other font like it does when activated through opentype features.
Is there a way to link the alternate glyph to the original in case it was copied to a document without activated opentype features?

What makes you think that? Please read the Unicode tutorial to understand the difference between characters and glyphs.

Important: do not apply PUA Unicode values to your OT alternates. Thence would cause gibberish.

You are absolutely right. Now it works as expected. I guess I just forgot to clean the cache or something.
Sorry & thank you!

Here is how to avoid font cache problem from the start: