Using defconAppKit in glyphs?

Anyone knows maybe of implementation of defconAppKit for glyphs app? (in particular, I’m interested in the application of for glyphs file)?

I want to do some additional windows that will use defconAppKit.control.glyphLineView objects.

If there were anything like this, I wouldn’t have to spend much time doing it myself :slight_smile:


I never tried it. How does this control look?

(this is from defconAppKit test directory)

Getting that to work is probably tricky. All the pieces are there in Glyphs but I never managed to put them together. The preview view is the closest.
What exactly are you trying to do?

I wanted to create separate, additional window for spacing and kerning with a few options that I find useful: for example table of spacing values for glyphs that are currently being spaced.

Can you send me a sketch how it should look?

sorry for not responding, will do that next week, I’m currently on vacations