Using external editor for OpenType Scripting?


I’m brand new to Glyphs and was wondering if it is possible to write OpenType Features for a Font in an external editor like sublime and connect it to the font?

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Only via copy and paste.

Depending on how much you want and can tinker with Python, you could write a script that automates the process.

And you could edit the features file in the Temp folder, and regenerate, but that, I believe, has too many disadvantages.

This could be a nice feature. Also, in my case, I’m trying to maintain only one file and export to pro and std versions. I think would be very useful to load std features files instead of replacing all the features.

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Currently this could be done with a Python script.

there is a “Replace Feature” custom parameter in the instance settings. Or use the “Remove/Rename Glyphs” and rely on the automatic feature code generator. In this case the features will be re-generated on export for the reduces/changed character set.
So you duplicate the instances, add a “familyName” parameter with a “Std” suffix, add a “Remove Glyphs” parameter. And for the manually written features, either use a “Remove Feature” or “Replace Feature” custom parameter.

@mekkablue Someone has made this script?
@GeorgSeifert Now, I’m using a method similar to described for you, I was thinking to add the Replace Feature parameter. I will give it a try.

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Hi @GeorgSeifert How does “Replace Feature” custom parameter work?

Do I need to type all feature file:

  feature locl;
  feature c2sc;
  feature smcp;
liga {
 sub f i by fi;

or do I need to follow the syntax of other custom parameters?:

aalt: feature locl; feature c2sc; feature smcp;

The same question for Replace Class custom parameter.


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