Using Instance Custom Parameters for Master Colour

I have a colour font where I want to generate different colour versions. I have all the master colour custom parameters in the master but when I generate instances I have to manually activate each instance and then manually switch the master colours in the masters. Is there a way to set it in the instances instead so I can generate all colour fonts at once?

What color format setup do you use? There are the parameters “Color Palette for SVG” and “Color Palette for CPAL”

I didn’t realize that you mentioned the master colors. It might be not the best approach. I would recommend a COLT/CPAL setup. Then you can have several pallets and switch them per instance.

Thanks Georg,
The client has asked for SVG fonts. Is there a way to do this with the color palette as you mentioned?

To be clear I have a 2 layer colour font, but I need to generate up to a dozen instances where each instance has different colour layers. Currently I have to manually switch the master colour parameters on and off and then activate the right instance (for the right name).

Such a setup can be exported as svg, too.

I’m trying to use the Color Palettes set up for a SVG layer font but I can’t figure out how it should work. I have color palettes set in the font info. Then for each export I input the index of which color palette to use. But the font exports in all Black

Have you tries the “Color Palette for SVG” parameter?