Using mouse while spacebar is held

It’s nice to use arrow keys to adjust nodes and curves while spacebar is held but it would be nice feature to be able to adjust with mouse too. Yes, writing the glyph two times in edit view is an option.

When the spacebar is held, you enter the Hand tool, in which you drag the canvas with the mouse. You thus can’t use the mouse to make other adjustments.

If you want to edit your outline while it’s filled, consider installing an external plugin, either mekkablue’s Show Filled Preview or my Show Black Fill for more near-black appearance.

Yes I know but if the Hand Tool and Preview Toggle gets separated you can make adjustments with mouse.

Those plugins shows nodes and BCPs even if they are %100 black and are required to turn it on and off when needed.

What do you mean? How is this supposed to happen?

For instance making two separate tools as hand tool and “preview tool” on toolbar. When you hold spacebar (or press H) you can drag the canvas, when you hold “some key” you see the filled version. So you don’t need to drag while previewing or preview while dragging.

This can also be an option in preferences as “separate previewing and dragging while holding spacebar”

Why? This is basic Glyphs logic, changing this seems very unnecessary for such a simple use-case. You can write a very short plugin that takes care of this, for example, a tool (that you can trigger with whatever key you like), which simply fills the outline and hides the nodes.

It’s not something vital, just handy while fine tuning the shapes. If you are able to make adjustments with arrow keys why not with mouse as well? I think it’s easier to write the glyph two times in edit view rather than having a plugin.

Yes, you made it clear why you would like this feature. As mentioned, a simple plugin that toggles on/off a filled preview is all you need, at least three of these already exist and are easily customisable: Show Black Fill by Toshi, Show Filled Preview by Mark and Show Filled Preview while Editing by Rainer.

Fundamentally changing Glyphs’ logic to accommodate this use case doesn’t seem sensible to me.

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