Using one single .glyphs file for 3 designers in Github


We are three designers usually working on the same projects. We are currently passing each other one file, but as you’ve probably guessed, this is not ideal.
We are looking at Github to work on one single file for the three of us and use commit to control the project progress.

Has anyone of you already used it in that way? Does it work properly?
Do you have any advice on this specific way or any other agile process that could help us work on one single file?

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To facilitate subversioning:

  • Use the parameter Disable Last Change in Font Info > Font.
  • Consider Use Line Breaks, also in Font Info > Font.
  • Get used to closing your Edit tabs, consider managing proper Sample Texts (they content of Edit tabs gets saved in the file too, and that can make it a little hairy sometimes).
  • Learn how to cherry-pick and revert commits, use a git client that makes it easy.
  • Commit & sync often, make micro commits.
  • For small changes (e.g. a path in existing glyphs), you can use a regular git client.
  • Bigger changes that affect many or all glyphs (like adding a master, or changing the name of a glyph that is used as a component often, or changing the width of al glyphs, etc.) should be done after everyone is in sync, and then everyone syncs again.
  • Make yourself familiar with CommitGlyphs, for comparison and for sorting out conflicts.

Thank very much Rainer.
I will keep this check list preciously in mind.