Using sample texts

I was wondering if the Edit > Select Sample Text is the only way to work with sample text string in Glyphs (as decribed in the manual)?

For instance, it would save a lot of time if there was a possiblity to browse the “next” string with a shortcut and without having to press “OK” first.

Either a shortcut or if it was possible to work in the Edit tab with the Sample Text dialog box opened (without having to press OK).

Does it make sense? Or am I missing something smart here?

Thanks. I love Glyphs more and more, but need to find some way to optimize the workflow.

You’re not missing anything. Or rather, we’re all missing it. I requested this a while ago, but maybe if we all gang up on Georg he’ll make it happen :wink:

Hey, wait a second! I’d missed Georg’s last reply there! I’m now confused and don’t really know how you can access that functionality.

Just talking to myself here, don’t mind me :wink:
Edit>Other>Select previous/next sample string
I just added new shortcuts from osXs preferences/shotcuts panel


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Oh, there it is. Great. Case closed.