Using stylistic alternates and default glyphs alternately

hey there,
i’m only using glyphs for a few weeks now so i’m a beginner.
i created a stylistic alternate for every letter and i only want them to be used after a default glyph. so it should not happen randomly, only if a default version was used before. a default should never come after a default glyph and a stylistic alternate should never come directly after a stylistic alternate.
it doesn’t have to start with the default version, that could happen randomly.

so basically it should look like this

Hello everybody:

H e.ss01 l l.ss01 o e.ss01 v e.ss01 e r.ss01 y b.ss01 o d.ss01 y

i couldn’t find a tutorial related to this “problem” so i thought i might try it here. i hope it’s understandable…
thank you for your help, i appreciate it!!

This tutorial should help:


thank you! it worked :slight_smile: