Using the 'Offset Curve' filter

Hello Glyphs people,
I want to make a series of glyphs just a little bit fatter (or heavyer): Step 1. is making an Background curve of the existing glyphs. 2. I use the Offset Curve filter. 3. Adjusting the curves by hand. Problem with the filter is that it outruns the x-height or kap-height above and below. So, I want to use the filter but keep my glyphs between x- or kap-height. What to do? Or is there a bether way to reach that goal?
Have a good weekend, Titus

Is this by any chance a multiple master setup?

Otherwise you could add a tiny bit more weight and then scale it back to the original hight.

Isn’t I would use the remix tools for that. If it is an MM setup.

Hello and thanx,
It’s not a multiple master by the way. I prefer using the filters and tools to make test prints. And find the amount of weight to add. The real adjustment, I do by hand. It’s to subtile.