Using two intermediate layers causes problems

I wonder whether it would work if you add hints like this and let it add extremes on export:

@GeorgSeifert can I ask what happens when hint is not aligned to any points like on the screenshot?

This might work, but only for one master, as Glyphs uses hints attached to points to work out how to hint the other masters.

The hinting can only move points. So if there are not points at the edges of the hint, nothing happens.

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I got you file. You need to add two more brace layers and move the ones you have. They need to be at (71/400/0), (71/400/100), (180/400/0) and (180/400/100).

After some tests, it indeed appears that I needed to add two additional brace layers {71,400,0} and {128,400,0} to go with the existing {71,400,20} and {128,400,20}. I don’t quite understand why, though — to provide a discrete plane in the design space for the intermediates?

Many thanks for everyone’s help.