Using Undo in OT panel moves focus to the top of it

Super annoying when trying to edit code. My workaround is to expand the window vertically to fit all the code but once the feature is long enough, you’re out of luck.


+1 that’s bugging since ever when having long code :frowning:


I think this was brought up before, it really bugs me too.

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If that wasn’t annoying enough, comment panel reopens every time you restart the app.

What is the comment panel?

The thing that slides up from the bottom of the OT window. It’s probably not called “comment panel”, in FontLab it can be used to define groups.

You mean the bottom right pane in File > Font Info > Features? That now remembers its position. Which version of the app are you running?


I tried to fix that already but didn’t found a solution. I keep digging.

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