Using wildcard in Rename Glyph?

It’s possible to use wildcard in Rename Glyph CP ?
To go from :

W = W.ss01
Wacute = Wacute.ss01
Wcircumflex = WWcircumflex.ss01

to something similar as :

*W = *W*.ss01

Yes, Glyphs rename supports regular expression. Here’s the syntax.

If you just want to add suffixes at the end, you leave the search field blank, and type the suffix in the replace field. (apply that to the selected glyphs, not all)

@Tosche I think you are talking about “Find and Replace” feature from Edit Menu.
I’m asking about Instance custom parameters “Rename Glyphs”.

Ah, sorry I wasn’t thinking much about CP. I do not think wildcard is supported at the moment. It would be nice to be able to use regular expression.