Value for auto alignment

What are the values for auto alignment? I have a Fontlab font, which I converted via Georgs script to Glyphs. Then I unchecked deactivated auto alignment in font info and activated auto alignment in all the specific glyphs (mainly accented characters). But how to get the auto alignment? “auto” doesn’t work.

You were doing it right. There was a bug in recent versions that prevented that function from working properly. Workaround: right-click auto-aligning and then cutting and pasting the components usually works.

Have you tried the latest beta as well?

I’m working with the latest cutting edge (976). Cutting and pasting seems to work at the left side only. However, it shifts the component only and does not change the width. It also doesn’t display the word “auto”.

You need to select all components, right-click and Enable Automatic Alignment first, then cut&paste.

I didn’t use anchors, so I only activated the base glyph. But it should work anyway, doesn’t it?

It does for me.

Not with legacy accents.

Shouldn’t matter as long as the component order is fine. And if it does: Why not rename the glyphs, i.e. add comb?

Can you send me the file?

Did you receive my Email?

Any particular glyph I should look at? The few I picked didn’t have anchors so it can’t align.

So it only works with anchors? It’s an old Fontlab font without anchors …

I had the same problem recently and in the end had to solve it adding the anchors. It did not take long actually. After that everything worked fine. I think it is worth if you are going to space the font afterwords, otherwise it will be a nightmare with components out of alignment every time you change a side bearing…

You are right. No good other way except adding anchors.