Vanilla causing Glyphs to hang

I’ve just started playing around (again) with Glyphs to see if I want to incorporate it into my workflow. For some reason, any scripts that use vanilla seem to be causing Glyphs to hang.

To be certain it was not my scripting itself, I tried a couple of Rainer’s (Make OT class from selected, for example) with similar results. The dialog shows up, but cannot be interacted with; and when I try, the spinning beachball confronts me and I have to Force Quit.

My vanilla installation seems to be fine.

Running Glyphs Version 2.2 (818) on Mac OS X 10.9.5.

Thoughts? (Is it a problem with still running Mavericks?)

Works fine for me. Do you have any output in the Macro window or the console? And do you have the latest version if the

I can send you the hang report, if that would help. Otherwise, no discernibly useful information from Console. Nothing in Macro window. (I have “use system console for script output” preference checked.)

I downloaded the yesterday. But what is the contains some glue code to connect roboFab and Glyphs

Yes, I understood that about objectsGS. In your original response you referred to objectsOS. I wasn’t sure if that was something different or just a typo.