Vanilla List text limit

I’m making a script to display all masters in a chosen text string. For some reason the Vanilla List object will only display abridged text from for each entry. Is it possible to increase what is shown or even for content to fill display?

I didn’t find anything in the docs:

That has to do with the column settings. Have a look a the vanilla docs.

Or, you could use a popup control instead of the textfield.

It doesn’t accept a ColumnDescriptions dictionary at all. “width” seems like the only place that may have helped. Anyway it says it’s only really for Lists with multiple columns so probably a dead end to begin with.

Will give try the pop-up button functionality. Thanks for the idea.

I had a look at your code. I did made some cosmetic changes :wink:

Thanks for taking an interest Georg.

Unfortunately it crashes on executing the main function with my build. I guess it worked on yours. What would be the best way for me to find out why? There’s nothing leftover in the macro window that seems related.

How does it crash? The script or the app.

The app. glyphs 2.4.2 osx 10.10.5

Why do you have such an old version?

It’s not that old is it? It’s a stable build that I know older projects will run fine in.

I do have a newer version. I found the checkbox list of changes from old files a bit of a turn off and just stuck with tried and trusted. More personal neurosis than anything else.

Also avoiding mojave update for as looooooong as possible.

My code needs API that was only added in 2.5 or 2.6. So the updates are not primarily made to make your life miserable, they bring a whole bunch of features :wink: