Variable Arabic Font Marks issue


I’m working on a variable Arabic font, and it was working fine. However, after my latest software update, this problem appeared as shown in the picture.
What is the solution?


Did you double check the anchors in the marks?

Yes, it’s the same file as before the update, and everything was working well.

So the two screenshots show exports from two different Glyphs versions? What was the Glyphs version you used for the first export?

Actually, I don’t remember, but for now, I am using the latest version.

I asked for the anchors. Can you double check those in the marks (make sure top and _top are both there).

Yes, I rechecked all the anchors. everything correct.
Is it ok to share the file with you?!

Please send me the file.

Thank you so much; I’ve attached the glyph and TTF files. This TTF file was working very well before the app update. The issue with the marks appeared after the update.

The issue is that there are multiple top anchor systems. Best to avoid the duplication in the first place. However if you need to make a difference between precomposed glyphs and mark positioning, then for mark positioning, I suggest you use the default top and _top.

Use alternate anchors:

  • for precomposed glyphs (not for mark-to-mark positioning),
  • the convention is to use underscore suffixes (not dot suffixes), e.g. top_low (this should not matter anymore, but there may a script or something that expects it),
  • only next to unsuffixed anchors, never by themselves, e.g. if there is no top, just add an anchor called top without suffixes;
  • best only in bases (yes, alternates for top, but never for _top).

If you do that, you can pick the anchor when the mark is selected in the composite glyph:


And all mark positioning (mark and mkmk) will follow the basic top and _top anchors.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. I will work on making the adjustments you mentioned.


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