Variable Characters not appearing in Keynote


I’ve developed a font with the Glyphs 2 with two weights and a character variation of 3 for each letter. When I export it as an .otf and .ttf it works on adobe applications and half works with powerpoint where it only uses the first variation - but it doesn’t show up as a font for keynote and word?

Is there a way to fix this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


How did you install it?

I Installed the font using fontbook

Then you need to read this:

unfortunately this didn’t work - It is also a problem when it’s downloaded for the first time on a different device

Can you send me the .ttf?

Sure! where can I send it? It says new users can’t send attachments

I changed your forum status. Now you can.

I was wondering whether there has been any breakthroughs with what the issue could be?

I’m sorry. I was traveling for conferences and didn’t find time to have a look. The links seem to be broken. Can you send the files again as a zip in a direct message?

found out the problem!

because It is an all caps font I just deleted lowercase and would just type with the caps on but then when I looked how to get it to register caps and non-caps as the same letters (Glyph - Update Glyph Info) - the font then finally showed up in Keynote!

Thanks for all your help :grin: