Variable Color Font blurry (only in Chrome)

I have an experimental variable color CPAL/COLR font (with Color Palette 0, 1, …) which is working nicely in Safari and FF, but in Chrome it looks incredibly blurry on the edges.

Is that a know issue, and if so a way to fix that?


This is a known issue, with currently no fix (as far as I know). Chrome’s color font support still isn’t foolproof and still has some quirks, so I think the issue stems from that side of Chrome’s type support.

So it’s time for more variable color font work and uses and let’s hope the devs step up!

Thanks for chiming in! Good and sad to know. Do you happen to even know where this is reported? I searched the web but didn’t find anything, would be happy to collectively raise the issue to their attention :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t raised the issue with Chrome (I know I should have, but as a tech nitwit such reports sometimes feel daunting, especially as I haven’t delved into it that far enough I feel). It can probably be submitted through: ?

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Thank you. Here it is.

Exiting, it’s validated and on their plate now, officially marked as a bug for all major OS.

I have also run into that problem – seems to do with Chrome is using it’s own font rendering rather than system one – if you turn off ‘hardware acceleration’ in the advanced settings in Chrome and relaunch it will render crisp (for me at least).

Yeah, but I’d rather have a bug fixed for everyone than fixing it for me :slightly_smiling_face: