Variable color font not exporting / Note

First of all, thanks for all the work on the new version, many additions will be a joy to use and make my life a lot simpler. I did run into two issues though, which I’ve gathered below:

After my upgrade to G3, it seems that my variable color fonts are not exporting any more. I’ve run into multiple different error messages, while the files still export fine in Glyphs 2.

These errors are:
“Problem generating feature variations”
“The Glyph “X.layer X” is not compatible”

And next to this: Is the reporters tab gone from the side panel? I can’t seem to find it!

Can you send me the .glyphs file so that I can have a look?
and with ‘reporters tab’, you mean the ‘Reporter Toggler’ plugin? You need to re-install it form the plugin manager.

Will do! About the reporter: Cheers: I was so used to it that I thought it was part of the normal UI :wink:

Just for a check: Did my examples arrive?

And thanks for the variable export to WOFF by the way, saves an extra step in the progress!