Variable Color Fonts not exporting

Today I updated to the latest cutting edge version, and suddenly all my Variable CPAL/COLR fonts are not exporting any more, giving the error:

*"Error with glyph: .layer10, The glyph name is not valid or might be too long".

Initially I thought the problem was with the file I was working on, but when opening older files and re-exporting the same issue occurs.

It also mentions the same layer (layer 10) regardless of the amount of the layers in the glyph.

Thanks for reporting. Will be fixed next week. In the meantime, please downgrade to a version where it still works as expected.

Will do, thanks!

When I try to download one of the older patches, I get the message: No input file Safari, am I doing something wrong?

Try one of these links, please:

Those work perfectly, thank you!

All issues are solved (as a static color font export gave similar layering issues)