Variable exports screwed up: Component alignment

Hello, forgive my exasperation, please. But this is driving me nuts, I just came across a rather serious alignment issue in a variable font export, which exports fine in static fonts:

I have intermediate layers for my bowl component:

I already had to set the sidebearing of the intermediate layers to some specific value, as anchors don’t work in intermediate layers. I don’t know what is going on now, though.

Isn’t that the same old bug?

Right, thanks. I was only aware of this for alternate layers (Alternate layers in variable fonts broken again – this thread is even pinned in my profile), but of course, that also applies to intermediates.

The file in the “same old bug” thread works fine for me.

For variable fonts? Really?

Can you please explain the correct fix for this issue, when using intermediate layers in components?
Am I supposed to add intermediate layers at the same coordinates in all the composites?

Because currently, exports still look like this:

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Can you send me that font?