Variable font 1 axe Width - Name Table - Italic appear on table


I’m working on a variable font with only one axe Width (wdth)
I set up my Variable instance then 2 Instances:
No Italic anywhere…

I try to figure out why, when I explore the Name table with ‘FontTableViewer’ or online with FontDrop I see a row on the Name table saying: :smiling_imp: Italic :sob:

Capture d’écran 2022-03-25 à 19.04.47

I’m sure is something with RIBBI Style Mapping, but if I add this custom parameter ( styleMapFamilyNames) it doesn’t change anything.

Help me please to understand
Thank you !

Can you show the masters settings in glyphs? And what Glyphs version do you use?

Yes, here are the settings
Thank you!

I use 3.0.5 (3119)

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

Hi @GeorgSeifert , do you had time to take a look into the file?

Thank you!

I just looked at the file (sorry that it took so long).

Glyphs adds a “Italic” design axis in the stat table to specify that it is an upright. That is needed to better work together with actual Italic fonts (that might be added later). It doesn’t do any harm otherwise.

Thank you @GeorgSeifert for explanation. Ok.
Could you please explain me also why some component or not in the gvar table in the second master? What is the logic of Glyphs?

I don’t understand what you mean. The gvar table doesn’t change if there is a component or not. It might not add a delta if it is not needed (e.g. if the components don’t move).

I mean, and I’m aware that Glyphs doen’t works like Fontlab, but if I open the font in Fontlab, the font audit detect some components not present into the second master. In fact they are, but I try to understand why this message come up. I’m agree that defenetly better to not add them in the gvar if they don’t move.
If you see for example ‘aacute’ composed by component ‘a’ and component ‘acute’. Strange things :slight_smile:

it is a part of the message.

That seems to be an Fontlab issue.

Ok, Thanks.
If I add the custom parameter ‘Decompose component in variable font’ the glyphs with combined components will be switched into hard glyphs, but not adding into the gvar table because they don’t move, right?

Capture d’écran 2022-04-05 à 10.44.40
without custom parameter.
Capture d’écran 2022-04-05 à 10.44.53
with custom parameter