Variable font animation?

I’m not sure how to title the question. I wanted to make a font with 1 axis where the slider would just swap different outlines rather than interpolate them much like an animation. I have multiple instances with different filters as custom parameters resulting in incompatible outlines and i thought i’d put them into a variable font so i can choose instances with a slider rather than styles. How do i approach that?

You could do bracket layers.

I thought so, i was hoping there’s a different way to do this in Glyphs.
Any recommendations for external tools to do this? I could export all the instances and then mash them together right?
I’m fine with command line tools.

You need to write the feature Variation table by hand in a ttx file. There are no external tools as fare as I know.

Do you mean something like this?

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I think fontTools.varLib supports FeatureVariations, but only if you build the from external designspace files.

No need to do feature variations by hand. You can just run a script on a .ttf using fonttools. Here’s an example from @thundernixon:

You could write a script to append glyphs with suffixes to your .glyphs file from the generated instances, and then write a script to generate the substitution array for the feature variations script.

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With “by hand” I meant writing scripts or type the xml (not sure what would be easier/faster in this case ;)).

i assume its not exactly what you‘re looking for, but on you can animate and loop through Varible Fonts (which you need to drag in there)!