Variable font axis coordinates minimum&maximum

i wanted to ask if there is a minimum or a maximum value for the axis coordinates (e.x. weight).
normal values would be 100 to 900, i guess.
is it also possible to have -100 ?
is it possible to have 60.000 ?

greets, florian wagner

You can use whatever values you like. But you should normally stick to the suggested rages for standard axes. You can use your values internally if that helps with your setup and then add Axis Location parameter to set external values.

thank you for the quick response !
ok, that helps.
i tried the font with a value of 60.000 and it didn’t work.
then i tried it with 13.000 and it works again.
so, there must be a limit somewhere ?

The axis range is stored in a signed 16 bit value. That means you can go from -32767 to 32767.

YES !!
thank you !