Variable font axis should snap, not slide

Hello & good morning!
I’m setting up a variable font with two axes: weight and italic.
I would prefer the italic axis not to slide, it should just snap between the two extremes.
Is that possible anyhow?

Set the axis range to 0–1. Such a range is taken by many (but not all) apps as a signal that the axis should not be used for intermediate values and instead only the minimum and maximum values should be selectable.

Thank you!
That was how I had set up the axis, but it was ignored by test sites as Font Gauntlet or Axis Praxis.
I guess that issue began when I built an Alternate layer for changing the “a” from double-storey to single-storey alongside the Italic axis.
But now I’m trying to find my peace with sliding italics – it was not what I had intended, but it looks good anyway :slight_smile: