Variable font bug, displays differently

Hello there,

I wanted to use our font in inDesign, but the instances look like this. It’s using an intermediate master (e is much lighter, which shouldn’t be)
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 16.54.13

but in browser it looks like this
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 16.54.25

I wanted to use fontmake to export the font to see if it behaves the same when exported from fontmake. But it gave me another error saying that there are 2 masters with the same value, but I don’t see any masters with the same value in the Glyphs App.

{'Weight': [400.0, 400.0, 1000.0]}

Generating fonts from Designspace failed: Locations must be unique.

BUG.glyphs (32.1 KB)

Thanks, Jan

That is most likely cause by this: Variable Font Bug in new Adobe 2024 Apps

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