Variable Font Bug with Width axe

I’m working on a font with weight and width axes.
When I export a Variable Font from my file in Glyph 3 (Version 3.0.4 (3098)), a weird interpolation happens after the value 50 for the width axis.

I tried to export it with Glyph 2 (Version 2.6.7 (1356), and everything work perfectly.
Glyph 3 version : (13.2 KB)
Glyph 2 version : VF-Width-Bug.glyphs (80.5 KB)

Hi, what exactly do you mean? The jumping up and down of the inktrap? I get the same (weird) results in Glyphs 2 and 3.

This is what happen with a Varibale font export with Glyph 3
After the value 50, the glyph size glitch and stop interpolation.
I have 3 masters with differents width value : 25, 50 and 100.

When exported from Glyph 2, everything work normally.

(the bug also occurs in Adobe applications)

Not sure why its working when you export from Glyph2. But your setup is not proper. The “Black Extended” master needs to sit in the same spot of the weight axis than the other two Black masters. So change it to 185 (from 196) and it will work as expected.