Variable font Combine Italic and standard


I’ve working on a variable font where I put 4 masters for standard and 4 masters for Italic.
3 axes: wght (100-900), wdth(30,130), ital(0-1).
Master 1: Condensed Hair
Master 2: Condensed Hair Italic
Master 3: Condensed Heavy
Master 4: Condensed Heavy Italic
Master 5: Wide Hair
Master6: Wide Hair Italic
Master 7: Wide Heavy
Master 8: Wide Heavy Italic

I’m able to switch the letteform for example “a” when I have the same number of nodes with {100,1}.

But I would like to be able to switch the letterform without the same number of nodes. With the brackets tips I can pointed the italic axe [1] but it doesn’t works on chrome or adobe but works on glyph : a become a
How I can substitute a form by an other and pointed every axes with 2 masters being a different number of nodes.

In other terms how I could merged Standard and Italic and made breakpoints to mastered them?

Thanks so much for your help!

Best workaround is to keep them on separate files. For now.

And make sure you have the very latest beta.

Thank you for your reply.

I find the Show Italic and the Synced Tabs plugins are both useful for working with roman and italic masters in different files.

Thanks for the tip! 'll try this plugin.