Variable Font Converter

Hi All,

Apologies if my terminology is not correct, I am brand new to working with fonts/variable fonts,

I am working on a project with an application that does not support variable fonts. However I have come across many tools online which let you experiment with the parameters which define a given variable font.

Does anyone know of a tool which can be used to convert a variable font file to a traditional css font file, once these parameters have been set? I am not familiar with CSS.


What is a css font file?

The Font Gauntlet in Dinamo Darkroom has a static font converter, if that is what you mean.

Sorry for the awful terminology. On the documentation for the application I am using it states the following:

“You add a custom font by entering the path of the CSS file that represents the font. This assumes that the font file are accessible on a web-server. Note that if the resource is not served over HTTPS, your application may not be able to load the file if it is itself on HTTPS. In general, using the raw font files and uploading them to Bubble’s storage is the safest way to ensure proper loading.”

I will take a look at Font Gauntlet in Dinamo Darkroom and see if this does what I need, thanks for the input.

That means that you need to supply an https URL for the font file. Just create webfonts in Glyphs and upload them to a web server.

Where do you get the variable font from? If you have a multiple master setup in Glyphs, you can export a variable font and play with it in those tools. If you find the right setting, define an instance in Glyphs and export a webfont.