Variable Font Dependency

I am designing a Variable Font using 4 Master (Extended Bold & Light, Condensed Bold & Light)… its working as expected. But I am running into a problem ones I leave the Weight slider at the extrem and reduce the Width at point where I cross the Width for the Condensed Bold Master it keeps interpolating as expected… but this distorts the font.

Now my Question: is there anyway to make like a dependency ones I reach this point it automatically reduces the Weight?

Thank you

I figured it out, once I set the Condensed Masters to the same Width it fixes my problem. Even thought it seems weird since it has a different Width. (and it does change)

Anyway please let me know, if I understand something wrong there.

Thank you, anyway.

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From the description, I am not entirely sure what the intention is. We recommend to arrange masters rectangularly.

Thanks mekkablue,
as you said… your recommendation solved my problem.
Keep the good work going!

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