Variable font documentation


I’ve been looking for information about the process of setting and exporting variable fonts in Glyphs.
Is there a tutorial or a step by step guide about this topic somewhere ?
I’m having trouble with the axis parameters, it would be amazing if there were documentation about this.


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Tutorial is in the works, I will send you the current status in a DM.


I’d love to read what you have so far too. I’m in the middle of designing a variable font right now and I want to make sure I’m on the right path. Thanks!

Can I get a copy also?

@mekkablue I’d love a copy as well. I’m just starting to mess around with variable fonts

I’d really appreciate that tutorial in the current status, as well. :smiley:

Could you send me as well, please?


A little patience please. It’s almost finished.


Glad to see this post - starting to messing with var otf and I would love to read a guide for Glyphs