Variable font doesn't work with the value under DefaultValue

I’m having trouble creating variable fonts.
The problem I am experiencing is as follows.

Font has only a weight axis, five weights are set(Thin, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold).
And Regular(400) is set to DefaultValue in the fvar table.
When exported and operated in Illustrator, all values from 100 to 400 appear to be Thin, and the weights change only from 400 to 700.

What’s interesting is that if I change the DefaultValue to 100, the barrier font works normally. However, in this case, there is a problem that the thin weight is marked Regular in the Mac’s font manager.

I’m using the newest version of Glyphs and I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.
I would love to get your insight into this issue. Thank you.


The default value needs to correspond to the first master in your project. Do you have a Regular master?

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Replacing the first master to regular resolved the problem with the font manager. Thank you.

However, a new issue has been discovered: If I use the modified font in the Mac text editor app, I can’t see thin weight.

Is this a problem with text editor apps?


ID doesn’t necessarily need to be the first master. You can define the origin master with the “Variable Font Origin” parameter (in Font info > Font).

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Adding the “Variable font origin” parameter solved the problem.

It was very helpful.
Thank you.