Variable font export fails on glyph with alternate layer

I’ve tried exporting Ysabeau as a variable font, but I’m getting the following error:

The Glyphs file does not contain any alternates of /cent/, but that glyph does use alternate layers. Presumably the alternate mentioned in the error is generated during the creation of the VF?

The fixed instances export normally:

Glyphs tries to create alternative variation glyphs for both cent and the cedi.c2sc component inside cent. These automatically generated glyphs are both assigned the name cent.varAlt01, causing the export issue.

For now, you can decompose the three cedi.c2sc glyphs inside the cent glyph. We will fix the underlying issue so that using the cedi.c2sc component also works.

Or remove the brace layer in the cedi.c2sc as it will inherit the brace layers from the cent component.

Great, that worked, thanks!

BTW, I exported both the Roman and the Italics as VF, and they both ended up with the same filename («YsabeauVF.ttf»). Is there a convenient way around that?

Do you have a “Variable font setting” in the Exports? Then add one in the Italic font and call it “Italic”.