Variable font exports with overlaps cutout in /A only

I am working on a variable typeface and there’s this one bug I can’t seem to fix (even with trying a version with both components combined). All other letters with multiple shapes export fine and work properly on Adobe for me and fontgauntlet, etc., but my friend testing is unable to export from InDesign to PDF without having this glitch. Is there any reason this could be happening?

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 9.21.27 PM

Have you checked the path direction of the paths in the A?

If path direction is not the case (big “if”), there was a discussion about similar issue on Twitter. Don’t know if it’s directly relevant, but I think it’s a point to consider:

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Yes I’m pretty sure it’s right (also used Correct Path Direction) and consistent across the masters.

This is bizarre but it does sound like the exact issue I’m having especially with it only happening some of the time. I might have to redraw the letter according to that thread. Thank you!